2022 Scholarship Winners

Merit Scholarships

From left to right:  Sarah Bockhold  presenting Carrie Long the scholarship. Chuck and Ina Rae Brazeale  presenting their $1000 scholarship to Chris Ebbesmeyer, and Jerry and Carla Schoenborn presenting the GRT endowment scholarship to Shayla Young.


From left to right:  Sarah Bockhold  presenting the GRT Scholarship to Claire Bartley., Sarah presenting the GRT scholarship to Abby Baumann,  and Sarah presenting the GRT Scholarship to Preston Eckler.  Other scholarship winners not pictured include the  Ron Dedert memorial — Luke Chevalier; Lew-Mar Foundation scholarship — Kayla Spence, the 4-year renewable MAA scholarship- Kaylee Spencer, and GRT Scholarships-Hallie Ray, Savannah Utterback, ;and Kristen Devine.

Luck of the Draw Scholarships

From left to right: Emily Disselhorst  presenting the Troy Disselhorst Memorial Scholarship to Scarlett Burton, Sarah  presenting the Fiddlestiks Scholarship to Page Lannerd,..Sarah  presenting the Fretwell and Associates Real Estate  Scholarship to Jackson Lundberg.

From left to right:  Sarah presenting the Gary and Cathy Fesler scholarship to Chase Goldinger. Sarah  presenting the Jared and Gina Pontius  Scholarship to Josh Dyer, and Jerry and Carla Schoenborn presenting their $500 to Boyd Triplett.

From left to right: Al Kennett presenting the Al and Linda Kennett Scholarship to Victoria Singh, Mac and Pam Wilt  presenting their $500 to Kaden Malone, and Sarah presenting the Sharpe Seeds, Ewing, MO scholarship to Zildjian Smashey,

From left to right: Rachel Bringer Shepard presenting her scholarship to Alison Ross, Richard and Linda Syrcle presenting their scholarship to Georgia Robbearts,  and Sarah presenting the Schmiedeskamp, Robertson, Neu and Mitchel Law Firm Scholarship to Nick Mudd,


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