Great River Tigers Provides Lunch For Mizzou Alternate Break Group

                                                          TOP ROW: Lucy Doll, Rachel Ehrman, Allee Bergstrom, Claire Reboulet, Katie Mechlin

                                           BOTTOM ROW: Abigail Schrumpf, Amanda Montgomery, Erin Wieselman, Kaylee Hale 

Mizzou Alternative Breaks is a student-led program on the campus of the University of Missouri that sends groups of students across the United States and abroad over Thanksgiving, winter, spring, summer, and weekend breaks to serve people and communities of need.  A group of students  from Sigma Kappa came to Mark Twain Lake March 9-11 for a Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center Work Day that included helping with creating a bike and hiking trail.  Great River Tigers Alumni group provided a meal for them on Saturday, March 10th.  Ron Dedert, Sarah Bockhold and three children, and Al Kennett, representatives from Great River Tigers, met the group for lunch.



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