MU Giving Day March 10-March 11

Mizzou Giving Day this year is between noon on Wednesday March 10 to noon on Thursday, March 11.  The  Mizzou Alumni Association is challenging the local chapters to fund raise for student scholarships.  The money raised will be deposited in the organization’s spendable scholarship account.


• Up to $100 will be matched for each unique donor.
• The minimum contribution amount per donor is $10.
• Gifts larger than $100 are encouraged, but only the first $100 per donor will be matched.
• Donations must be designated to an eligible affiliated MAA organization. Direct link to Great River Tigers Giving Day
• The matching limit is applied to the individual donor that makes the gift. Gifts made on behalf of another person are welcome, but the matching limit will apply                 to the person making the donation. A husband and wife may each make a $100 donation and use the same credit card.

Great River Tigers gives out a number of scholarships each year.  One of our scholarship winners is featured below.

      • Name: Amelia Jones
      • Hometown: Palmyra, MO
      • Major: Business Management
      • Quote:  While I still have to have a job while at school to pay for rent, this scholarship has helped me cover my tuition costs. I’ve been able to attend more social events, be more engaged in my classes, and be on leadership teams because this scholarship covered my heavier expenses. Without this scholarship, I would have missed out on many of these experiences that I am extremely grateful for.


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