GRT Board Meets April 6

On April 6, 2022, the GRT Board had a Zoom meeting .  The board discussed::

  • The Summer Send-Off will be July 23, 2022 at the golf course in Palmyra, Mo.
  • GRT will also be incorporating the Missouri Go Home Tour into our Summer Event
  • The Athletic Department will send a coach to speak at our event.  We will know who when we get closer to the event
  • Donors were discussed and who would contact them.  Checks will need to be sent to Jerry or deposited in the bank in Hannibal and the deposit sent to Jerry.
  • Al will be checking into renting the tent.
  • Morgan Kopitsky attended our meeting by Zoom. She helped us figure out if we had met all of our requirements for Columns and Capstone.
  • The new scholarship picks were announced to our group.
  • Ken Disselhorst will be our nominee for an MAA Award and McKenzie and Al will be responsible for getting that written and submitted.

GRT Board Plans Virtual Summer Send-Off

Morgan Kopitsky hosted our Zoom meeting to plan for the Summer Send-OFF on July 16th.  She showed us what she planned to do during the Zoom event.  She plans on break out rooms, a trivia game, introduction of each student present, a pop in guest suprise, and the drawing of names for the scholarships that we will be giving away.

GRT Board Meets May 9th

On May 9, 2019 the Great River Tigers Alumni Association met in Quincy, Illinois at the Patio.  Morgan Kopitsky from the Alumni Association was present.

The following happened at the meeting::

  • The scholarship committee reported that they had chosen 4 incoming freshman and 3 returning students for merit scholarships.
  • Members of the board volunteered to write congratulatory notes to graduating seniors.
  • Plans were made for July 26th student  summer send off.  Fundraising, scholarships, and a speaker were discussed.

GRT Board Meeting January 9th

The Great River Tigers met at the Plaza in Quincy for a board meeting.  Gunnar Johanson, our liason from the alumni association, was in attendance.

Items discussed at the meeting included:

  • Holding a watch party on February 25 at 3 pm  at the Hy-Vee on Harrison for the girls’ game against Texas A&M
  • Forming a committee to determine scholarship winners
  • Discussing the speaker for the Summer Send Off on July 27
  • Deciding to participate in Giving Day 2018


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