2022 Scholarship Winners

Merit Scholarships

From left to right:  Sarah Bockhold  presenting Carrie Long the scholarship. Chuck and Ina Rae Brazeale  presenting their $1000 scholarship to Chris Ebbesmeyer, and Jerry and Carla Schoenborn presenting the GRT endowment scholarship to Shayla Young.


From left to right:  Sarah Bockhold  presenting the GRT Scholarship to Claire Bartley., Sarah presenting the GRT scholarship to Abby Baumann,  and Sarah presenting the GRT Scholarship to Preston Eckler.  Other scholarship winners not pictured include the  Ron Dedert memorial — Luke Chevalier; Lew-Mar Foundation scholarship — Kayla Spence, the 4-year renewable MAA scholarship- Kaylee Spencer, and GRT Scholarships-Hallie Ray, Savannah Utterback, ;and Kristen Devine.

Luck of the Draw Scholarships

From left to right: Emily Disselhorst  presenting the Troy Disselhorst Memorial Scholarship to Scarlett Burton, Sarah  presenting the Fiddlestiks Scholarship to Page Lannerd,..Sarah  presenting the Fretwell and Associates Real Estate  Scholarship to Jackson Lundberg.

From left to right:  Sarah presenting the Gary and Cathy Fesler scholarship to Chase Goldinger. Sarah  presenting the Jared and Gina Pontius  Scholarship to Josh Dyer, and Jerry and Carla Schoenborn presenting their $500 to Boyd Triplett.

From left to right: Al Kennett presenting the Al and Linda Kennett Scholarship to Victoria Singh, Mac and Pam Wilt  presenting their $500 to Kaden Malone, and Sarah presenting the Sharpe Seeds, Ewing, MO scholarship to Zildjian Smashey,

From left to right: Rachel Bringer Shepard presenting her scholarship to Alison Ross, Richard and Linda Syrcle presenting their scholarship to Georgia Robbearts,  and Sarah presenting the Schmiedeskamp, Robertson, Neu and Mitchel Law Firm Scholarship to Nick Mudd,


GRT Summer Bash and Come Home Tour 2022


Scholarship Winners

On July 23, 2022, Great River Tigers hosted their annual Summer Bash and this year added the Come Home Tour.  There were 38 students in attendance at our event plus 160 community members..  Twelve students had already been selected as $1000 scholarship winners earlier based on scholarship, community activities, participation in school events, and work experience.  On the 23rd 12 names were drawn from random to receive a $500 scholarship.  In total GRT gave $18,000 in scholarships to incoming students, returning students, and graduate students.

This year Great River Tigers was fortunate to host the Athletic Department’s Come Home Tour. Mizzou’s new athletic director, Desiree Reed-Francois, spoke to the crowd as well as the softball coach, Larissa Anderson, and volley ball coach, Joshua Taylor.

The speakers also upheld the tradition of serving the food.

Regan Ragsdale Chosen as Mizzou 39


The Mizzou Alumni Association announced the 2022 18 and 39 winners this year on March 25th.  Regan Ragsdale was one of the winners, and she is from Paris, Mo.  In 2018 GRT awarded her the Lew Mar Foundation $1000 Scholarship. Lew Mar Scholarships are given to students interested in agriculture.  Congratulations Ragan.



GRT Board Meets April 6

On April 6, 2022, the GRT Board had a Zoom meeting .  The board discussed::

  • The Summer Send-Off will be July 23, 2022 at the golf course in Palmyra, Mo.
  • GRT will also be incorporating the Missouri Go Home Tour into our Summer Event
  • The Athletic Department will send a coach to speak at our event.  We will know who when we get closer to the event
  • Donors were discussed and who would contact them.  Checks will need to be sent to Jerry or deposited in the bank in Hannibal and the deposit sent to Jerry.
  • Al will be checking into renting the tent.
  • Morgan Kopitsky attended our meeting by Zoom. She helped us figure out if we had met all of our requirements for Columns and Capstone.
  • The new scholarship picks were announced to our group.
  • Ken Disselhorst will be our nominee for an MAA Award and McKenzie and Al will be responsible for getting that written and submitted.

GRT Scholarship Winner


“This scholarship has inspired me to work harder than ever to earn good grades, be involved, and help the Mizzou community any way that I can.”

Emma Deien, a returning student, is one of the merit scholars that was chosen by our scholarship committee.  Money donated on Giving Day helps make the GRT Scholarships possible.






Giving Day-March 9th to March 10th





#MizzouGivingDay is coming up March 9-10, noon-noon CT! Help us Raise the Roar by making a gift to Great River Tigers.  All money that we raise goes to scholarships for new and returning students.  GRT gave out over $10,000 in scholarships to  Mizzou students last year. In 2022 we will award 12 $1,000 scholarships and 10-12 $500 scholarships. Participate in Giving Day and give to GRT at the following web page – https://tinyurl.com/GivingDayGRT

GRT Membership Drive February -April 1


Great River Tigers is rallying all friends, parents, and alumni to join MAA.  You can join or renew your MAA membership and help GRT meet the requirements for our organization. Last year GRT gave out over $10,000 in scholarships for new and returning students.  In 2022 we will award 12 $1,000 scholarships and 10-12 $500 scholarships. A portion of these funds comes from MAA memberships in our GRT area.

The link to joining online is: http://www.mizzou.com/joinGreatRiver

The link to getting an application to fill out and mail is: https://greatriver.missourialumnispaces.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2022/02/Scan.pdf

The  appeal code to let the MAA know that GRT is the organization responsible for recruiting you is CMT.

The four main reasons for joining can be summarized into four areas. By following the following link you can see what each of these involve: https://www.mizzou.com/s/1002/alumni/19/interior.aspx?sid=1002&gid=1001&pgid=10415

  • Engage
  • Save
  • Connect
  • Support

Great River Tigers Board Met February 1st

The  Great River Tigers Board met February 1, 2022, by Zoom.  The following items were discussed.

  • We discussed the Summer Send-Off and decided that August 23rd will be the date unless we have to change to accommodate a speaker.  A speaker was discussed.  The softball coach was discussed as well as the new Athletic Director.  Al was going to look into the possibility of getting one of those..
  • Giving Day this year is from noon on March 9th to noon on March10th.  In the past the MUAA has done a match of funds donated.  That will not be happening this year.  We decided that we will continue to urge people to donate on Giving Day to GRT.  Everyone on the board will contact the ones they contacted last year.
  • The board decided to participate this quarter in the Membership Campaign.  We will be trying to get new members in February and March.  Our president will contact Morgan about our particpation..
  • The board also discussed how many scholarships we will be giving to the merit scholars that are selected in February. We already have money for 4 scholarships. The board decided to give ten merit scholarships.
Join MAA